Assignment 2: Annotation of dialog and reviews

Each group will be assigned an annotation effort from the set below. Read the paper and look through the guidelines. We’ll provide you some data to look at before Friday’s class. Your goal in class will be to try to annotate that data given the guidelines and create a presentation covering the goal of the annotation, a description and assessment of the guidelines (including your experience trying to follow them), an a quick summary of the evaluation results and what kinds of machine learning algorithms were tried.

Presentations on Tuesday, March 7

  • about 10-15 mins.
  • Annotation Goal
  • Task Description
  • Description of corpus
  • Annotation Guidelines and your experience applying it
  • Results: inter annotator agreement, evaluation results, 1-2 examples of ML algorithms used on the data (not all of these will be available for every project. Just include what you can find)
  • What you learned that applies to your project
Assignment Details