Spring 2018

Schedule is based on last year and will change. Please check the website regularly. Links for slides will only work after the lecture.

Date Topic Readings Assignments
Jan 12 Intro
Textbook intro
NLAML Ch 1; Handbook of Annotation, Ch 2.
Jan 16 Model and Specification; Corpus Linguistics NLAML Ch 2; Modeling Conversational Speech; Dysfluency Guide Select a set of annotation guidelines to review and form groups.
Jan 19 Analysis of annotation projects NLAML Ch 3 Discuss annotation guidelines in groups and prepare presentation
Jan 23 Introduction to MAE MAE project
MAE documentation; NLAML Ch 4
Idea generation
Jan 26 Forming groups
Jan 30 Annotation Project Phases and Due Dates
Feb 2 Short presentations on Annotation goal and corpus selection
Feb 6 Group work on annotation specifications
Feb 9 Project Showcase: Present goal, task, corpus, and draft schema Contract, Annotation goal, Task Description, and
Draft Annotation Specification due.
Feb 13  Begin MAMA cycle
Feb 16  Full Annotation Spec
Feb 20 BREAK —— ——
Feb 23 BREAK  —— ——
Feb 27 Group check in (quick);
Inter-Annotator Agreement;
Annotation and adjudication
Kappa example spreadsheet NLAML Ch 6;
Artstein & Poesio, Inter-Coder Agreement for CL
Mar 2 Groups present Specs including within-group data annotation analysis  Annotation Guidlines and Corpus
Mar 6 In class cross group annotation & feedback
Mar 9 More cross group annotation & feedback 2nd Draft annotation guidelines
Mar 13 In class annotation & feedback NLAML Ch 7
Mar 16 In class annotation & feedback
Mar 20 More on IAA/analysis NLAML Ch 8; Artstein & Poesio, Inter-Core Agreement
Mar 23 Present results of first week of annotation NLAML Ch 9
Mar 27 Inter-Annotator Agreement, Group check in NLAML Ch 10-11
Mar 30 BREAK  ——  ——
Apr 3 BREAK  ——  ——
 Apr 6 BREAK  ——  ——
Apr 10 Classification
Apr 13 Adjudication, Gold Standard, MAE update, Group work IAA start round 2 Feature Selection
Apr 17 Writing a conference-style paper; ML with NLTK out of class lab Annotation complete, Begin Adjudication
Apr 20 Groups present summarization of data, IAA, ML Plan
Apr 24
Apr 25 Language Resources Gold Standard Release
TBD Final Presentations