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Papers from LAW: Linguistic Annotation Workshop

Papers to discuss on April 15: Everyone read the following paper: Mohammad, Saif, et al. “A Dataset for Detecting Stance in Tweets.” LREC. 2016. Read the paper assigned to you in the email: Napoles, Courtney, et al. “Finding good conversations online: The Yahoo News annotated comments corpus.” Proceedings of the 11th Linguistic Annotation Workshop. 2017.<… Read More »

Questions for Discussion on Friday Jan. 19

As you read through the guidelines and look at the papers in the annotation project of your choice, be ready to discuss the following questions. If a question is not answered in the material available or any other easily accessed material on the project (e.g. from a project site), just note that. Overall your goal… Read More »

Annotation Guidelines Analysis

Below are a guidelines from a number of different annotation efforts. Groups will discuss a set of guidelines and answer specific questions then report back to the class on what you learned. Step 1, Jan 16: Each person will choose one project to focus on. You will then form groups of 3 and group members… Read More »

Welcome to CS140 NL Annotation for Machine Learning

Annotation is a significant part of both research and industry in computational linguistics and Brandeis is one of the few programs that have a class specifically aimed at providing students a structured way to learn the process of annotation by actually doing it. This experiential course covers each step of the annotation process from corpus… Read More »